Why Play In A Youth Orchestra?

Playing in a full orchestral setting is a special opportunity for young musicians: the repertoire and the sheer sound of the symphony orchestra creates an unparalleled musical experience. In this ensemble, students learn to be a vital part of a musical team and experience how each instrument and each player is crucial in creating an excellent musical performance. The opportunity to play this great repertoire allows each student to perform to their full potential, therefore building enthusiasm for music and for their chosen instrument.

Performance Levels

NSYS offers two performance levels: Symphony and Philharmonia. Conductors are Grant Donnellan and Jenny Rothnie.  They are assisted by a professional coaching staff and by WWU Music Education Majors who serve as coaches and mentors for the NSYS students.


Auditions are held by appointment before the beginning of each quarter. See the Symphony and Philharmonia pages for specific audition requirements for each performance level. To schedule an audition, please email: info@northsoundyouthsymphony.org