The Philharmonia is for students in 5th grade or older who have two years of private instruction or commensurate school ensemble participation. The Philharmonia is an excellent place for those musicians who wish to experience the full symphony experience but may not be ready to play at the level of the Symphony. The Philharmonia helps students to grow and challenge themselves musically by improving their playing abilities, stylistic understanding and sight reading abilities and prepares them for eventual membership in the NSYS Symphony. Some NSYS concerts feature a musical selection which combines the members of the Symphony and Philharmonia in joint performance, creating an extraordinary large-ensemble sound and providing a mentoring experience between the older and younger players.

Jenny Rothnie, Director

Jenny Rothnie, Philharmonia Director, is the band director at Shuksan Middle School. She received a BA in Music from Trinity Western University and a Master’s in Teaching from Western Washington University. During her time in school, Jenny performed with the top level groups, playing the clarinet in both orchestras and wind ensembles. Additionally, she has worked at Bellevue Youth Symphony Orchestra’s summer camps since 2004, where she currently serves as camp director.

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